Mailing & Fulfillment

A printed piece isn’t much good if it isn’t effectively distributed to its intended audience. We take the time to communicate and explore the best options for maximizing our client’s return on investment. This process starts well before a piece is printed and, ideally, before it’s even designed.


Keeping up with the ever-changing USPS requirements for mailing printed materials is a challenge. It’s critical to understand the eligibility of each printed piece to mail in the various postal service classes based on size, shape, weight, and address position. It’s equally important to know what to expect in terms of the cost per piece and the level of service. Often, options outside the USPS, such as co-mailing or commingling, have a big impact on the cost and turnaround of mailings. Imlay International will help you navigate all the mailing considerations when you plan your project.

Imlay International has USPS Certified Mail Design Professionals on staff!


We’ll take time to ask for pertinent details of how, when, and where the piece will end up in the hands of its intended readers. Knowing what questions to ask early in the planning process will allow us to provide recommendations on quantity, job specifications, production location, packaging, and logistics for distribution, storage, and fulfillment.